WIK Group

WIK Group is a global technology company with over 6000 employees. The company’s thinking and actions are aligned with a 100% circular, sustainable economy. Schirmbeck & Hartmann was commissioned to rethink the entire corporate presentation to reflect this orientation and to consistently design and communicate this presentation across all media.


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Strategic Brand Development & Workshop

In a one-day workshop, the corporate values and the core orientation of the company were identified together with the company management and the brand personality was defined. Based on this, Schirmbeck & Hartmann developed an overall strategy for the WIK Group, which at the same time also represents the basis for the further, fully comprehensive elaboration on the content and visual level.

Claim Development

Based on the identified values and objectives, Schirmbeck & Hartmann developed the company’s new claim, which succinctly summarizes both the field of activity and the company’s objective: a future in which technology adapts to nature and fits into the natural cycle in the form of sustainable circularity.

Brand Design

Schirmbeck & Hartmann developed a new brand design for the WIK Group based on the values identified: from the font classification to the logo development and the definition of the corporate colors in the digital and analog space to the corporate imagery. In the process, the duality of technology and nature is also taken up in design terms.


As part of the branding process, Schirmbeck & Hartmann identified that a concrete space for innovative ideas in the field of sustainable technology should be created within the WIK Group. This gave rise to the entity WIK LABS: an entity within the company that also visually underlines the dynamic and forward-looking elements with a specially developed signet and a typography variation.

Print Design

The developed brand design naturally includes applications in the print sector: the corporate colors based on PANTONE values enable a holistic representation in corporate brochures and business stationery.


As part of the overall strategy, we translated the corporate values into a fully customized website that seamlessly integrates into the overall brand design and is optimized for a wide range of viewports. In addition to design and usability, performance and sustainable hosting were also taken into account.