One Planet

One Planet

The sustainable and responsible treatment of our planet is the greatest challenge of our time. We act accordingly and are certified CO₂-neutral.
When, if not now: the urgency of sustainable action is obvious. We believe in a future in which we find our way back to a balance with our planet. A future in which humans, as part of an overall system, use their intellectual and technological capabilities to protect rather than exploit ecosystems and living things. This future is not hostile to technology, because technology and nature can merge and reinforce each other in a complementary way.

Our action


CO₂ according to Carbon Neutral Offsetting


electric fleet


Energy from hydropower

Offsetting the CO₂ caused is good, but it is better not to generate any emissions in the first place.

For us, offsetting the emissions we cause is only the final building block, because up front we already minimise causing greenhouse gases and environmental damage. Our office electricity is supplied by a reliable green power supplier that delivers 100% renewable energy. Our processes are fully digital wherever possible. Meat and dairy consumption cause a lot of emissions. That is why we have opted for exclusively vegan food in our offices. With regard to our mobility, we have implemented the Trains over Planes policy and also use Tesla electric vehicles exclusively. We fully offset the remaining CO₂ footprint of our company as well as our employees.

As a climate-neutral company, we are involved in the Leaders for Climate Action network, an association of leaders who believe that the world must and can be fully powered by renewable energy by 2050 – and in some regions already by 2030 – and that this must be based on a circular economy in which there will be reusable resources, shared goods and hardly any waste.

We shape strong sustainable brands

We believe that strong brands have the potential to positively change the world. This is especially true for brands that are sustainably oriented. We combine our understanding of the cultural space with our knowledge of sustainable technologies and products. This is how we create emotionally engaging, concise brand identities.