Green Tech

We think value-based, sustainable and transformative.
We believe in a future where technology and nature complement each other. We create unique brand and company profiles for those who act sustainably – and act according to these principles ourselves.

What we provide

We shape strong sustainable brands

We believe that strong brands have the potential to positively change the world. This is especially true for brands that are sustainably oriented. We combine our understanding of the cultural space with our knowledge of sustainable technologies and products. This is how we create emotionally engaging, concise brand identities.

The greatest challenge of our time is the protection of our planet. This goal demands sustainable thinking and action. Although in recent decades technological progress and the accompanying expansion of human habitat have led to an acute dysbalance, we believe that technology can play a very different role in the future: it can protect and enrich us, our planet and the living beings with whom we share it. For companies and brands that share this vision, we create unique profiles and impactful communications. In doing so, we act ‘Carbon Neutral’ ourselves and are involved in the Leaders for Climate Action network.

Our range of services

S&H Agency

We shape brands and companies at the intersection of art, culture, business and technology.